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texture battle set & 2 texture sets

I participated in this thing called Texture Battle over here at satine_violet hosted by the infamous & all kinds of amazing innocent_lexys. All participants provided 10 images and we were to use at least one image from every participant and create a set of icon-sized textures.

Below is my set and two extra sets that happened while I was putting together the actual Texture Battle set. In fact I have quite a few textures that happened during the battle. I'll be posting them sporadically, which means when I have inspiration and energy to do so. The first two extra sets were made using the images absolutelybatty provided.

Download at DeviantArt | Download at | Check out Full Preview

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2011 in icons & 2012 icon making resolutions

The year is almost over and I'm quite happy about that. It has been one of the roughest years in my life this far and I'm happy that I found my way back into icon making, because it has been one of the few things I've been doing just for myself.

In 2011 I also finally faced my fear of failure and tried my hand at texture making (thanks to a challenge at landofart). It has become something I will definitely keep doing. At the moment I am working on a batch for the Texture Battle at satine_violet hosted by the infamous innocent_lexys. It makes me all giddy just to be able to be a part of a challenge that has so many amazing participants.

Which brings me to my icon & texture making resolutions for year 2012.

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This is a fun meme and although my year is not really a year but just a couple of months, I'll still attempt to see some development in my icon making skills. Voilà.

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